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Everything You Need to Start a Podcast

Ready to start a podcast but not exactly sure where you should start? I had no idea what I was doing when I started The Vendor’s Daughter; I didn’t know what equipment to use to record a podcast and I had no idea how to edit or produce a show; I just knew I wanted one.

If that’s where you’re at then you are in the right place; in today’s episode of The Vendor’s Daughter podcast I walk you through:

  • How/why she got into podcasting

  • Three reasons you might want to consider podcasting (including making money)

  • The questions you should ask before recording your first episodes

  • The equipment you need to record your podcast

  • The software you’ll need to record/edit/promote your podcast

Time stamps:

8:30 reasons to start a podcast

9:33 two main ways to get paid sponsorships

10:26 reasons to start a podcast other than sponsorship money

16:30 the #1 thing you need to decide before you start your podcast

18:53 pros vs. cons of solo/interview episodes

25:26 equipment you’ll need to record your podcast

28:00 software to promote your podcast

Click image below to get your free beginner's guide to starting a podcast.

Links from Episode:

Ready to start your own podcast but not sure where to start? Download our free guide to help get you started (it’s everything Jen wish she knew when she started) at

Already have your podcast and ready to outsource the editing/production so you can focus on your zone of genius? Apply for The Vendor’s Daughter editing services at

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