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How to Build the Marketing Strategy That's Right for Your Business with Nikki Nash

In Episode 129, Nikki Nash, the Founder of Market Your Genius, shares marketing strategies for small businesses.
The Vendor's Daughter - Podcast for Small Business Owners

I first met Nikki Nash, Founder of Market Your Genius, when we sat down to record Episode 129 of The Vendor's Daughter. I was in Dallas, travelling for work, when I got a message, "hey, I'm on the call are you ready to record?" or something close to that. I was not ready. In fact I had completely forgotten about the interview we had scheduled. I didn't know what do, so I was honest. "I am so sorry but I totally forgot. I have not prepped at all. I look like a mess. I don't want to reschedule but I don't want it to be a waste of your time."

"Let's do it."

Nikki didn't care that I was a mess, she didn't care that I hadn't prepped, in fact she said she enjoyed when the conversation just flowed, she had no agenda and we could just talk.

I liked her instantly. I think you will too.

Nikki created Market You Genius because she truly believes that every individual has a unique gift to share with the world, and if they want to market that gift to make an income, she wants to help them do that.

If you want to grow your business, maybe you've been a big fish in a small pond and you're ready to go to a larger lake, Nikki has a few suggestions:

  1. Don't give up - very few people are overnight successes and it may (in fact it will likely) take longer than you think it will to get where you're going. That's okay.

  2. Get clear on what your message is and what you want to be known for

  3. Be unapologetically and consistently yourself

If you've been working at it for awhile and you still haven't seen the growth you've been hoping would have already come, you may have fallen in to one of the two common obstacles Nikki sees from people trying to build a service or even a product based business:

Mistake #1 - TMI - no not too much information, instead it's too many ideas. If you're an entrepreneur there's a good chance that you don't have any shortage of ideas but you may have too many that you are trying to execute at once, the truth is that you can't make all of your ideas happen at the same time, and if you try you might actually get nothing done

Mistake #2 - RSS - this stands for rapid strategy switching and it's what happens to the best of us when we follow that shiny penny. It's the "oh I just heard this on a podcast and now I have to try it," or the "oh I just read this and now I have to try it" or the "oh Instagram has a new feature and now I have to try it" even though your audience might not even be on Instagram.

Nikki Nash, Founder of Market Your Genius, shares marketing strategies for small businesses.
Marketing strategies for small businesses

It's great to try a new strategy and it's great to be inspired but if you change your strategy too often you won't gather the data needed to know what strategy is actually affective. Do you want to be entertained or do you want to be effective?

As someone who is easily bored and gets very distracted by the newest thing, I asked Nikki how long we should stick with a strategy. Her suggestion? One year. Unless something awful happens (you're hemorrhaging money, you're losing your physical or mental health, etc) you need to stick with an experiment long enough to change variables and see what is effective and what isn't.

For instance, if your strategy is to go on podcasts but after the first 10 interviews you don't see the results that you were hoping for, it isn't good enough to just say "well, podcasts didn't work." Instead you can ask questions, change variables and see if you can get difference results. For instance if your podcast strategy isn't working you can ask yourself these questions:

  • I'm I interviewing on the right shows?

  • Does smiling while I'm talking make a difference in how I am perceived or sound?

  • Am I talking about the topics that my potential customer finds most intriguing?

  • Am I properly sharing the episodes with my audience? Is the host properly sharing with their audience?

  • Do I need a different backdrop for video interviews?

  • Do I need a better giveaway or call to action at the end of my interview?

  • Is my url too hard to follow?

Keep asking questions and keep experimenting until you crack the code that works for you. And then if you've exhausted the variables move on to a new strategy.

Nikki Nash, the Founder of Market Your Genius, shares marketing strategies for small businesses.
How to Create a Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

Want more from Nikki? Listen to her full interview in Episode 129 of The Vendor's Daughter where we discuss:

5:40 - three things you need to keep in mind as you scale your business

12:47 - the obstacles that get in entrepreneurs way as they grow their business

18:15 - what A/B testing is and how long you need to stick with a marketing/growth strategy

21:05 - choosing the right social platform to scale your business

21:50 - why creating a marketing strategy is a lot like dating

26:00 - how marketing for a small business is different than marketing for a large business

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