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Letting Go of Perfectionism

Diann Wingert, Founder of Diann Wingert Coaching, is a mindset coach for entrepreneurs. Diann’s background is in fitness, medical sales and psychotherapy. She left her job as a psychotherapist to pursue coaching because she wanted to shift her focus from helping people overcome past traumas to helping entrepreneurs reach their highest potential.

Diann Wingert works specifically with women entrepreneurs to overcome what she refers to as the unholy trinity: procrastination, perfectionism and people-pleasing. If you feel like you have too many open tabs in your brain, you constantly feel like you are being pulled into too many directions, you’re always busy but have a difficult time finishing your highest priorities, Diann is the coach for you. Because in addition to helping you with time management she’ll also walk you through how to motivate yourself, manage your anxiety and insecurity, learn to trust yourself, make better decisions, silence your self-doubt and crush your perfectionism and people-pleasing tendencies.

In Episode 13 of The Vendor’s Daughter podcast Jen and Diann discuss:

4:30 the difference between therapy and coaching

7:15 what makes someone coachable

8:30 the false promises behind hitting 6-figures

9:45 the truth behind entrepreneurship

13:15 the character trait you cannot have as an entrepreneur

14:45 the difference between flexibility and freedom

17:30 having strong boundaries as the only way to survive entrepreneurship

18:30 what the unholy trinity is and who it affects the most

24:00 why we need to narrow the gap between being shamelessly self-promoting and the best kept secret

25:00 how imposter syndrome proves you are qualified

27:45 what procrastination actually is

31:40 ways to overcome procrastination through math, not drama

36:00 why we need to stop disappointing ourselves


Perfectionism; “It’s the fact that you think you should and you suffer because you don’t”

Links from today’s episode:

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