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My Word for 2021

A few years ago Ryan and I went to an annual meeting for a vending organization that I’m apart of. It was at the Mountain Shadow resort in Arizona. That detail means nothing to this “story” but I wanted to include mainly because I really loved the place, partly because I miss the days of corporate travel and partially because a very small part of me still hopes that one day someone will fall in love with my writing and pay me to visit their beautiful resort (a girl can dream right?).

All of that to say, for years I have carried around a piece of conference room paper (you know the kind that you get in a hotel conference room, where the pages are white, tiny vertical rectangles, basically see through and always have the name of the hotel on top, just in case you forgot where your boring meeting was taking place). It has a few notes scribbled on it, mostly useless data that seemed important at the time but a few good takeaways all the same; here are my favorite:

· Your body needs both essential proteins (ones your body can’t make) and non-essential proteins (ones your body can make) to make a perfect protein

· When shopping, costumers have an easier time sorting items vertically vs. horizontally (it matters for displays, because a confused shopper spends less money)

· Consistently drop the lowest 10-20% of category sales every 3 months (in other words, don’t keep dead weight and make room for more variety)

But the biggest takeaway I had, the reason I kept the paper, was for a note written on the very top.

Mixed Messaging

I then went on to list some mixed messages I had recently experienced including the fact that I was sitting in a meeting on nutrition and the snacks available for this afternoon session were brownies, cookies and lemonade. It seemed odd to me that we would be discussing perfect proteins while being served sugar with a glass of sugar to wash it down with.

The inconsistency along with what appeared to be a lack of thoughtful planning bothered me.

And quite frankly inconsistency and a lack of planning are two things that continue to bother me about myself today.

I’ve been frustrated lately. Frustrated that it seems like I can’t quite figure things out. I still haven’t reached 1,000 followers on Instagram, I haven’t met any sales goals for Oh Goodie! and I haven’t yet monetized the podcast. On a personal front I still don’t have a baby, I haven’t lost the weight, and I’m writing this in a very, and I mean VERY messy office, which means I haven’t stuck to a cleaning routine.

The other day I was driving to my chiropractic appointment and thought, “why am I doing this? Why am I doing any of this? I’m not making any progress so why keep going?” And then I had another thought, a reprimand, an epiphany? Maybe all three in one.

The reason it wasn’t working, the reason I wasn’t gaining momentum is because I keep making competing choices. I go to OrangeTheory, I take my supplements (on a good day), I followed my chiropractic corrective plan. Combined I spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on these things. But then I go to Taco Bell, or Chik-Fil-A, I eat all of the dessert, finish a bottle of wine, binge a series on Netflix instead of going on a run.

One choice counteracts the other. Which means after all the hard work I end up exactly where I started (if I’m lucky).

Next week I start a cleanse. I’m not doing it to lose weight or as part of a New Year’s resolution. I’m doing it because my friends are doing it and most importantly, I’m doing it to prove to myself that I can 100% commit to something; that if I say I’m going to do something I will do it.

When I asked my mom if she wanted to join me, she said “are you sure? The last time we did a cleanse together you quit after 2 days.” Ouch.

I don’t want to be that person. Instead of being the boy who cried wolf, I’ve been the girl who cried diet (and a million other things), to the point that no one believes me, including myself.

So, for 2021 my word is “momentum.” It could also be exchanged for “alignment” or “clear messaging.” Because moving forward I don’t want to give my brain competing objectives. Not everything can be a priority and there are things I want more than others. It’s time to finally choose a clear path, to move in one direction with force so that my dreams can actually happen and hopefully, happen quickly.

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