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Quick Meal Prep - Farro, Raisin & Jalapeno Salad

When Ryan and I first started working from home I thought I would get to stop meal prepping. If I'm going to be home all day then I can just make a fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.


Although you can technically do that you do that at the expense of your time being best utilized. What I found is that if I don't meal prep I:

  1. Make bad choices - maybe a meeting went longer than anticipated, maybe I just hit my groove with a project but I'm hungry. If I don't have anything healthy prepared and don't want to/can't make something healthy I'll grab anything that's fast (hello potato chips and a bottle of Coca Cola)

  2. Spend too much time in the kitchen and get anxious - just because I can be in the kitchen doesn't mean I want to be. Creating a fresh meal from scratch means a cutting board, a knife, and most likely a bowl and pan at a minimum. In our house if you dirty a dish you have to clean that dish pretty much immediately to preserve the space for the next person. Cutting, cooking & cleaning can take A LOT of time. And if I spend that much time away from my desk I start to feel guilty which makes me feel anxious.

So to help my future self make better choices and feel more in control of her day, meal prepping is back on at the Calderon house.

This salad is one of my FAVORITE salads of all times and it's great to make in advance because it will hold nicely (without getting soggy) in the refrigerator for a few days.

I've adapted my recipe from the original found from Bon Appetit Magazine. If you want the original recipe you can find it here

For a far more go with the flow recipe keep reading.


  • A bunch of parsley

  • A bunch of mint

  • A bunch of cilantro

  • 1 Bag of Quick Farro from Trader Joe's

  • 1/2 Bag of Shelled Pistachios from Trader Joe's (about 1/2 cup)

  • 1/2 Bag of Golden Raisins from Trader Joe's (about 1/3 cup)

  • 3 Jalapenos

  • Olive Oil (about 1/3 cup)

  • 1/2 Teaspoon of Sugar

  • Salt


  1. Boil farro according to directions on package

  2. While farro is boiling finely chop up all of the herbs

  3. Remove seeds from jalapenos (or leave some for a little extra heat). Dice.

  4. Place herbs and jalapenos into a mixing bowl

  5. Drain farro and place in mixing bowl with herbs and jalapenos

  6. Sprinkle in pistachios and golden raisins

  7. Toss in oil and sugar

  8. Salt to taste

That's it! Divide into 6 equal portions and store in the fridge for a quick lunch throughout the week.

We use the DuraHome Food Storage containers (link below) over traditional tupperware because they conserve more space in the cabinets and refrigerator.

Because it's so hearty this is also a great recipe to take a backyard BBQ. It's been a big hit at past 4th of July parties.

Looking for some yummy snacks to have on hand for the week's you haven't meal prepped? Take a look at Oh Goodie! Box. They'll ship snacks directly to your door so you'll never have to be hangry on another Zoom call again.

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