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Staying the Course

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

You guys I've been in a funk lately. Anyone else? 2020 has been a major shake up. I'm not complaining, in a lot of ways it was necessary, but good or not, it has been hard.

Things I've realized:

  • I've put way too much of my identity into my work

  • I've been shamefully unaware and ignorant to the struggles of people around me

  • I've prioritized the wrong things

  • For all the self-help books I've read, reading alone isn't the work, consistently applying what you've read is where the work comes in

Things I still need to figure out:

  • If my identity isn't in my work, how do I honor the work and the commitment to the company who employees me, while not finding my identity in it

  • As I become more aware of the injustices in this world, what am I going to do to actively participate in change

  • What are the right things to prioritize (in a very practical way)

  • Since I can't realistically apply it ALL, what from my self-help books do I want to actually be consistent in

Consistency is one of those things that shows up a lot in my life. And by that, I mean, my lack of consistency causes some issues. So...I'm looking to change that. I don't know exactly how to figure out the bullets listed above but I do believe the answers will come if I consistently pursue the answers, if I consistently put in the work.

I'm feeling a little lost these day, a little unsure about what to do next or what the future holds. Maybe it's an early midlife crisis, (I mean I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at 33 why can't I have a midlife crisis at 34?), maybe it's a result of the great rug of 2020 being pulled from under all of our feet, whatever the cause the only thing I can think to do right now, is finish what I started.

I'm using some extra time to clean up the website, to finish old show notes, to dig into new interviews. Someone once asked me why I love doing the podcast. I replied by saying, "did you ever play Mario Brothers? You know when you would come across a character, you could push the "A" button and they would give you a clue about what to do next? I feel like that every time I have an interview; it's like every guest is a guide, helping me on my journey."

So I'm going to start here. Finishing what I started, hoping it leads me to where I'm supposed to go next.

In Episode 44 of The Vendor's Daughter, after Ryan and I share some marital pet peeves, I dig into why it's easier to maintain the hard work than to start over. I recorded this shortly after we moved to Austin (a little over a year ago). At that time, as you'll hear, I was also going through a funk, brought on by a major life transition and some weight gain. I think the advice then was just as applicable as it is now, "don't get bored doing the things you know you need to do."

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