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Episode 16 of The Vendor's Daughter

Hannah Takata is the Founder of Practically Magic Co., a company that makes sleek, unique zodiac charts based on important dates in a life (think weddings, birth dates, etc). 

Hannah has studied astrology her whole life and after being let go from her job turned her passion into a successful business. 

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In this Episode Hannah gets into how astrology has helped her navigate the relationships in her life. In addition to astrology and sharing insights into some of the signs she also shares:

-how she started a business in less than 5 months

-the importance of having a strong support system

-why we need to acknowledge our spouses' strengths instead of focusing on their faults

-the importance of taking advice from people who have gone before you 

-that progress is and up and down climb

-how she's managing to grow a business while also raising two daughters and maintaining a loving marriage

-the importance of staying positive

AND SO MUCH MORE! If you are looking to start a business but not sure how you are going to do it this is a great place to start! And if you are having any relationship issues this could provide some key insight into the source of those struggles. 

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blog and podcast for entrepreneurs
blog and podcast for entrepreneurs

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or visit her website to order your personalized zodiac chart!

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