One of the things guests of The Vendor's Daughter comment on most frequently is how much they appreciate the guide I send them once they agree to an interview. Here is some of the feedback we've received:


"Thank you so much, this is fantastic! I love your podcast guide, it's so great and very helpful to our clients! Every host has their own way of doing things so this makes it super easy for them to know how to be best prepared."


"P.S.  I loved the podcast guide, very helpful!  Thank you for sending it."


I love that guests of the show appreciate the guide but I actually made it for myself. Working a full time job, running a household and keeping up the podcast takes a lot of energy. I found myself wanting to get more guests but pushing back my response time because I didn't have the time to write a detailed response. Creating the guide allowed me to set aside some time to decide what was most important for my guests to know about pre-production, the interview itself and post-production. The best part? Once it was created I had a set of standards to keep us all accountable to AND a quick way to communicate ALL OF THE THINGS. 


The guide covers 4 Main Areas:

  1. A Few Decisions 
    • Where to meet
    • What to wear
    • Should this be live
  2. Preparing for the Interview
    • What they can expect to talk about
    • 2 questions to prepare for (every guest on the show gets asked them)
    • The technical details regarding Zoom and Zencastr links
    • A reminder now to worry or stress - it's supposed to be fun
  3. During the Interview
    • Another reminder to relax and enjoy it
    • Time commitment
    • Suggestion to have a beverage
  4. After the Interview
    • Launch date
    • Final edit
    • Prompt to join social networks


Use this guide as an inspiration to create your own guide, swapping out my photos for ones that best represent your show and changing the details to match your requirments. 


Hope this helps you get more done and book the clients you've been dreaming of!


Canva Template - Guide for Podcast Guests

  • Once you purchase you'll receive an email with a pdf of my guide attached. Scroll to the last page of the pdf and click on the only image on the page to get taken to your Canva Template Link

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