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Episode 21 of The Vendor's Daughter

Jena Farid is the founder and owner of Ro and Westing, an interior styling company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

In this Episode Jena opens up about what it looks like to overcome the insecurities that come from starting a business in a field you did not go to school for, what it looks like to accept your gifts, what making sanctuary looks like in her life and why maintaining her Creator and her family as her top priorities helps keep her balanced. 

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In this episode Jena shares the unexpected ways her life's path has led to interior styling and how  she's managing being a wife, a mother and a new business owner. We also discuss:

-how her time in the Coast Guard really spurred her love for interior design

-how volunteering with foster kids strengthened her belief that your surroundings play a large role in how you feel

-how pursuing licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist has also confirmed the same belief

-what making sanctuary looks like with some interior design tips from Jena

-why it's important to prioritize your family first and foremost

-the 5 easiest house plants to transform a space and keep alive

-what it looks like to embrace your talents

-how Jena can see her Creator's hand in the unconventional path to starting her business

-the importance of friends encouraging you along the way

-how having professional photos of your work can make a big difference in your own self-perception. The photographer and friend that encouraged Jena can be found at

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