Season 2 of The Vendor's Daughter

Season 2 of the podcast is proving to be the best yet! We've had the opportunity to interview some amazing entrepreneurs in a variety of fields. Scroll down to read more about all of the episodes this season (if you want to listen more and read less click on the itunes or stitcher images above). Thank you for tuning in!

Episode #027

Tune in on Thursday September 27th for our interview with Mosswood 

Episode #026

Learning to Let Go of the Things That No Longer Serve Us  with Jennifer Calderon

Episode #025

Advice on Creating Training Programs with Jennifer Calderon

Episode #023

You Were Made Specifically - Advice on Hiring with Jennifer Calderon 

Episode #020

Learning to Rest Not Quit with Jennifer Calderon (aka The Vendor's Daughter)

Episode #017

Growing a Business by Staying Focused on Your Why with Rip Pruisken of Rip Van

Episode #022

Becoming a CEO and Learning to Give Yourself Grace with Kim Hanks of Whim Hospitality

Episode #021

Making Sanctuary with Jena Farid of Ro and Westing

Episode #019

Learning How to Let Go to Create Balance with Missy Adiego of Haverton Hill Creamery

Episode #018

The Importance of Seeking Advice with Jennifer Calderon (aka The Vendor's Daughter)

Episode #016

Using Astrology to Navigate Relationships with Hannah Takata of Practically Magic Co.

Episode #015

Turning Your Blog Into a Career & The Importance of Speaking Truth Into Your Life with

Shruthi Parker 

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