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Episode 15 of The Vendor's Daughter

Shruthi Parker is a Lifestyle Blogger in Austin, Texas. She started her blog after moving to London when potential job opportunities fell thru. Looking back she can see how what seemed like lost opportunities were actually God's hand closing doors and leading her to fulfill her life's purpose. 

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In this episode Shruthi opens up about what happened when life didn't go as planned.


She moved with her husband, Hank, to London following a career opportunity for Hank and believing she had some potential work setup when she arrived. When those opportunities fell through Shruthi was left feeling alone and eager to get to work. 

From that season The Honest Shruth, Shruthi's Lifestyle Blog, was born . 

In this interview Shruthi covers:

  • the importance of having people (especially spouses) speak truth into your life

  • trusting that God has put a passion on your heart for a unique purpose

  • worrying too much about what other people think

  • the importance of being your own cheerleader and have a personal tribe to push you forward

  • being careful not to find your identity in your work 

  • the importance of helping those who aren't as far along as you

  • not creating facts out of opinions

  • what fighting healthy in  a marriage looks like

  • being ready to evolve in business

  • how frustrating it can be when people don't take what you do seriously

  • how blogging can bring out your weaknesses (it's a trap to compare yourself to others)

  • getting away from the idea of perfect

In addition to all of this Shruthi also shares 5 practical tips for anyone looking to turn their blog into a full time profession. 

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